Driveway cleaning

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 Crazy paving patio in garden


Driveway and Patio Cleaning

We can pressure wash driveways, pathways and patios to a superb standard, leaving a beautiful finish each time! Driveways can become unbelievably dirty without it actually being noticed. With oil from motor vehicles, dirt and mud from grassed areas, and even scuff marks from tyres, a driveway can even become slippery and dangerous, with the combination of foliage, oil and mud.

A high quality pressure wash and surface clean on an old, tired-looking driveway or patio can work wonders, breathing new life into block paving. These are really good for taking spectacular ‘before and after' photos, and are one of our most popular services. In cases where this is necessary, we can come back the next day to re-sand the surface too. Whether you have a front drive or rear garden patio that could benefits from professional pressure washing, contact KH Externals Ltd today.