At KH Externals Limited, we offer a range of cleaning options for your house. You can arrange for pressure washing or soft washing, depending on the surface, and how dirty the affected area is. We perform gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, and patio cleaning, and can clean the glass on your windows, solar panels and conservatories. We always make sure to work at height safely, and carry out exterior cleaning in Norwich and across Norfolk for domestic and commercial clients.


Full package

With so many services on offer, it makes excellent sense both for us and for our clients to offer a full exterior cleaning package.   more  

Exterior cleaning

We perform high quality pressure washing for building exteriors, both domestic and commercial.   more  

Conservatory cleaning

We will fully clean the exterior of your conservatory in all the hard-to-reach places of a roof, and help you to allow more light into the space once more.  more  

Solar panel cleaning

We provide professional and effective solar panel cleaning for both commercial and domestic developments across Norfolk.   more  

Driveways and patios

We can pressure wash driveways, pathways and patios to a superb standard, leaving a beautiful finish each time!   more  

Gutters and fascias

We perform a full cleaning and clearance service for guttering, soffits and fascias, facilitating drainage and giving your property a fresh outlook.   more  

Roof cleaning

If your roof has a significant amount of debris or moss, this can cause damage to your property. KH Externals Ltd perform efficient and safe roof cleaning throughout Norwich.  more