Exterior cleaning in Norwich

Helping you have a clean and fresh-looking house

At KH Externals Limited, we offer a range of cleaning options for your house. You can arrange for pressure washing or soft washing, depending on the surface, and how dirty the affected area is. We perform gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, and patio cleaning, and can clean the glass on your windows, solar panels and conservatories. We always make sure to work at height safely, and carry out exterior cleaning in Norwich and across Norfolk for domestic and commercial clients.






How we do it

We use a range of industry-leading equipment, both for power washing, and soft washing, to enable us to both clean the exterior surfaces of your home, and to make sure they are left in perfect condition. Power washing involves using a high pressure jet of water, to clear fine debris that is ingrained into the brickwork or fascias. Soft washing is more gentle and involved, and involves removing moss and other debris manually, before using biocide to prevent regrowth. Whichever type of cleaning you require, we provide exterior cleaning in Norwich for a range of building types.

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Pressure washing gutters on house


Why you should have it done...

Having your exterior surfaces cleaned not only improves the aspect of your home, it also improves water management, preventing damage to your structure. If the exterior drainage on your property is not working effectively it can have immense repercussions, causing water damage and necessitating expensive building repairs. With our exterior cleaning in Norwich, we can stop this in its tracks with regular cleaning and maintenance. We carry out a full inspection of the roof with each assignment, and notify you of any damage before it becomes problematic.

We like under promise and over deliver! If there are any exterior cleaning services not mentioned, you are always welcomed to enquire. If there is any assignment we cannot do ourselves, we can recommend an expert for you.

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