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Welcome to KH Externals Ltd, where you can have every part of the outside of your house professionally cleaned. There may be parts of your property, such as the roof or upper storeys that you cannot reach, or the dirt may just be too ingrained. With our help, the whole job can be completed to a great standard in no time! We specialise in roof cleaning in Norwich, and can also clean patios, conservatories, solar panels, guttering and fascias, and upper storey windows.

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Your exterior cleaning services

We have the equipment and expertise to make sure your house looks clean and new. We can perform exterior cleaning for the following areas:


Roof cleaning  

We perform roof cleaning in Norwich and throughout Norfolk, safely working at height to ensure all tiles and flat roofs are clear from debris. We can also clean upper storey windows as part of the service 

Roof Cleaning Services


Gutters and fascias

These very frequently become blocked with dirt and moss, so if you wish to prevent water incursion it is vital to keep these clear. We can usually clear these with our industry-leading gutter vacuum, and rinsing fascias and soffits afterwards.

Gutters and Facias


Driveways and patios

We use a high powered jet wash and surface cleaner to completely clean your block paving, giving it a new lease of life! These cleans give a most satisfying effect, with the previously dirty patio sitting side-by-side with the freshly cleaned section, and the contrast between the two being remarkable! After each patio cleaning, we can come back to re-sand the surface too

Driveways and Patios

 Solar panel cleaning

To get the best out of your solar panels they have to be cleaned regularly. At KH Externals Ltd we have the equipment and knowhow to look after them and clean them effectively. With regular cleaning, you will find your solar panels up to 50% more effective than otherwise.

Solar Panel Cleaning


Conservatory cleaning

Having clean windows on your conservatory makes such a difference! We will remove algae, dirt and moss from your conservatory exterior, allowing light to fully illuminate the interior, and making the whole room much more appealing.

Conservatory Cleaning

Exterior cleaning

We can clean exterior walls, render, cladding, windows and more. We can use a full pressure wash or a softer wash depending on the type of surface, and the degree of staining.

Exterior Cleaning







The Full Roof Cleaning Package – Great Savings

Alongside our roof cleaning in Norwich we provide a complete exterior cleaning service! You can have all our services combined for less, and have the full exterior of your home, as well as the driveway, windows, and conservatory looking beautiful once more!

The Full Cleaning Package







Spraying roof with chemicals to clean it

Why you should have your roof cleaned

 Look after structure of house

After a long time, dirt and debris can damage the roofing structure, and even cause plants to germinate, and intrude into the roof structure.

 Improve drainage

 A clean surface enables water to run off more quickly, and reduces the chance of it being absorbed by the roofing structure and exterior walls.

 Improves appearance

A thorough external cleaning will naturally make your home look more beautiful, and improve its saleability.

About KH Externals LTD



Why choose KH Externals LTD?


We always give good value for money, and will make sure you are fully informed of all the options for exterior cleaning before we commence.

Self-made business

We are a newly founded business offering roof cleaning in Norwich and surrounding areas.

Local company

Based in the heart of Norwich, we serve across the local area for exterior cleaning, within a 40 mile radius.

Quality services

We use industry leading equipment, and always make sure we complete the cleaning to a high level.

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